Welcome to Rebound!, the approved fanlisting for the anime and manga series Slam Dunk by Takehiko Inoue. So what is a fanlisting, you ask? Look no further, brother.

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The story dribbles the delinquent student Hanamichi Sakuragi who initially joins the Shohoku basketball team to impress his crush, only to eventually realize that he has to actually use his athleticism to support the team—primarily composed of three-pointer Mitsui, point guard Miyagi, Vice-captain Kogure, "Gori" Captain Akagi, and the popular Rukawa—in its pursuit of winning in the nationals.

* * *

I can still vividly remember the popularity of the anime when it first aired in the Philippines. It was a big hit even for those who don't play basketball such as myself. I wouldn't have become familiar with the basics and some rules of the sport if it weren't for the series. Fast break!