Ran comes from a family of policemen. Her mother, father, and brother all live on the side of justice. Even her younger sister plans to become one in her very young age.

Yet Ran doesn't want to become one. All she wants to do is eat, shop, and experience all the excitement of being a super gal. Because the profession particularly runs in the family, Ran is forced by her father to become a policewoman herself. But most of the time Ran always bumps into trouble — quite a good reason for her to entirely avoid becoming a cop like everyone.

Though she dislikes joining the police, it doesn't mean that she's on the side of prejudice. With her high spirit and physical strength, she protects innocent people from bad guys and helps those who are in need. Together with her bestfriends Miyu and Aya, Ran subsists a life in Shibuya with all the friendship, love, rivalry, trust, and passion and continue living as the world's greatest gal forever.