Avril Lavigne - What the Hell

About a month from now I'll be over my probationary period. By that time, I'm finishing off the avatar manager. Count on it. In the meantime, I'd really appreciate any help. And oh, Happy New Year and Valentine!?

Update: Watch out for Persona this month. Damn.

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  1. Lucien

    Let's wait before saying FU works; lately, after I post 2-3 entries, it screws up - I can't add new entries and it deletes old ones - and must be reinstalled. u.u
    I hope all goes well, this time. n.n;;;

  2. amano

    Yeap, I think the spams are done by some stupid people. :(

  3. Manda

    Even if they don't plan it, it still seems like they all magically decide to assign things on one day. XD

  4. Lucien

    I'm like that, too; in fact I've made like one year without using any textures on my icons - when, before, not one was left without....just weird. xD

  5. Yina

    The snow flakes are following my mouse pointer o3o Awesome! xD Stopping by to say hi. :3

  6. Melisa

    GASH I love the snow! just letting you know I have moved and Infinite Moon as went by by so this is my new link give a visit.

  7. Rae

    ah it's been a while! How have you been Nelson?

  8. Neiyu

    I like the navigation!! The snowflakes are adorable too :))

  9. Koa-chan

    Hey, Nelson!
    FFD is currently on Request Week! Drop by and feel free to submit a request if you want any! ^_^

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