275 Avatars Down

275 Avatars Down

So that's it? 2012's over with only two posts in AGITH? Tch. Not enticing. It just shows how I suck at managing time. I'll try to work on it this year. And to accomplish that, I'll cut down the drinking... Kanpai~

In any case, this site has gotten another year older. My additions may have diminished over time but as of now I still don't have plans of shutting down. What would that do, anyway? When New Year struck I purged all the links that were still missing until the very last minute. Thinking about it now, I should've saved their final click count for restoration in case they spring back to life.

Lastly, missing-nin of Poisoned Mist shut her site down and has benevolently agreed that I host most of her avatars. 275 from 43 series(es?) kicked the snake, skyrocketing the count to 681.

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  1. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons finally changed look and was updated; come take a peek. :)

  2. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons changed layout and was finally update; come check. ^.^

  3. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons has its own domain; new url is www.art-icons.net.
    Please update links as soon as you can.

  4. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons has a new look; come take a peek. ^.^

  5. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons.net has lots of new additions; come peek, please? :)

  6. gravatar.com Lucien

    Thank you. ^.^

  7. gravatar.com Lucien

    New look and additions for ART-icons; come take a look. :)

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