I attempted to move to a different host last May but after signing up with them they suddenly went down and their support did not provide a single fucking word. To cut the long story short, it gave me a handful of stress and by the time they were back, I already salvaged my domain and decided to just upgrade my existing hosting plan. Assholes.

With more web space this time (finally after the longest time!), I moved back in all the files that I had hosted in Tehomet. With that, I worked on enforcing HTTPS in my domains and subdomains. Yep, if you haven't noticed yet, there's already a padlock beside the URL. Next up: Frontal Assault!

It's been essentially more than five years since I last added an avatar but I definitely still have the kid in me. In fact, I watched all the Toy Story movies this week in an attempt to catch the fourth and "final" one on the big screen. Unfortunately, as of writing only the Spanish-dubbed is available. Also, another season of Shingeki no Kyojin is about to end!

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