Textures, Anyone?

Textures, Anyone?

Some time ago I had the strongest lust to make textures and with a few dumb luck, a number of abstract, sized 1024x768 ones were born. But because of my narrow thinking then, I scaled them down to 800x600. They've been sleeping in my drive for a while already so I decided to make use of them as icon textures instead. The latest one, Waveffect, was accomplished through a tutorial (sorry, forgot where).

I do hope these additions find themselves helpful to other people (I personally find it pretty hard to utilize them though). The first three Earl and Fairy avatars had a taste of 'em. Tell me if you've had any success, 'kay?

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  1. gravatar.com Rinku

    Haha, thanks! Yeah, I've been meaning to convert my site to MySQL for a while now, and I'm really happy it's all done. :D The experience was also quite intriguing since it kind of sparked my curiosity, hopefully I'll be able to learn more PHP in the future. By the way, the textures look really good, I'm jealous, I'm horrible with making filter based textures. XD

  2. gravatar.com Manda

    If only tablets came with computers. D:

    Yeah, I've been watching Fairy Tale. XD Nastu is hilarious.

  3. gravatar.com Yina

    Love this new layout and I see you changed the links to mod rewrite <33 Yeah, textures are always helpful for wall makers, so thanks for making them! O 3O *dls*

  4. gravatar.com Megan

    Thanks! I'm always looking for new textures, I'm horrible at making them myself.

  5. gravatar.com Nise

    I was just dropping by to say hello ^^ I quit making textures myself

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