Yep, they're now enabled in the comments. So for those who're not yet familiar with them, it's time you get your own and try it out — HERE!

What of me? Heh. I just moved in to a new place. The monthly package is, without a question, delightfully complete, but I still find the price quite out of the ordinary. A while ago I tried computing what'll be left of me after all monthly dues go off my salary. I will have to dig deep to last for at least a year. Sad, I know. So shall we get ourselves some booze for now?

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  1. Rinku

    Yup, I'm trying my best to learn whatever I can. :D Oh, I fixed the error on the tagboard, it was actually a very silly mistake too, I forgot to change the URL in a part of the coding to tagboard.php when I transferred it over from a testing page. :X Thanks for letting me know about it! Your avatars are looking better than ever by the way, I'm so jealous I've never been good at making icons. >.> XD

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