14 New Series

14 New Series

Gah! Overslept again. My Tuesday night's almost over so let's get this over quick because I still have to produce some park backdrop.

And that's a wrap! Expect a new look for the site this year, presumably before the world ends. One Piece is still eating most of my time. I have to catch up fast. Shinnen akemashite omedetou!

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  1. gravatar.com Lucien

    Sure. ^^ I'm always open to test new scripts and CMSs, and - no offense - should I not like it, I can always go back to IconSort.

  2. gravatar.com Rae

    Hi Nelson! Happy new year to you tooo~!

  3. gravatar.com Lucien

    ART-icons has new things and a new look; come see it. :)

  4. gravatar.com Lucien

    Thank you; it feels good to be back and kicking. =)

  5. gravatar.com Rae

    Hey Nelson! Yea, my commenting system is a little off with the CAPTCHA included. That's why I have a tagboard just in case. hehe. I'm still looking for a new commenting system that works out better than FusionNews. What are you using?

  6. gravatar.com Rae

    That's impressive! I wish I could have time to adventure into making my own commenting system. hehe. Do you know if there are tutorials around to accomplish this?

  7. gravatar.com missing-nin

    Haha, till the Internet itself closes, huh? That's pretty ambitious :) But I'm glad you're not giving up. Too many do.
    As for icons, you can take them. Even though I don't like them, it will be a shame to just let them collect dust on my Mac. So do whatever you want with them as long as there's a tiny mention they're mine in some dark corner no one ever visits XD

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