Losing the Drive

Losing the Drive

Lea Michele - Cannonball, American Authors - Best Day of My Life

And just like that, it's been a year since the last post already. Time is such a nasty being. Life of a Dragon (truly in my case) has never been easy since the Wood Horse began. Struggling financially even until this point with the thirst to shift into a new career for good, things have probably never been this disheartening. In fact, I'm on my third unpaid sick leave today due to my seemingly annual blisters. One can never get so unlucky, ne.

Four Shingeki no Kyojin avatars have been added today. The anime is next to Death Note in terms of suspense for me. It was simply on tenterhooks. Currently I'm watching Sword Art Online as suggested by the same friend who told me about Attack on Titan. It's getting weirder with each episode.

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  1. gravatar.com Sasha

    Wow, those Attack on Titan avatars are nice! I wasn't much of a fan of Sword Art Online but I do recommend Log Horizon. I thought it was better and is similar in the sense that it's set in an MMORPG. Sorry to hear about your situation, I hope things turn out better for you. Take care! :)

  2. gravatar.com Brandi

    aww thanks Nelson. I really appreciate you stopping by and for the encouraging words. I also love the attack on titan icons. They look great! keep up the good work.

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