Still Not Getting Any

Still Not Getting Any

I wanna swear to my heart's content but I'd rather skip that for now. Another year has yet again passed without me realizing it, and I'm still the same lazy ass — only managed to post a single update and produced four avatars. How pathetic. I wanna pull all the hair from my head right now. My attention span has become poorer than ever. Maybe I should go see a therapist or something.

Anyway, last December 26 I moved the site to my own domain after went down. Thankfully, I happened to access the database and generated a backup last November 1. I may have lost some record updates, but they shouldn't be that much.

Going back to the hot topic of my inactivity here, well, things have really gone really crazy. There's my job as a Java programmer, my travels (and the damn uploading of pictures on Facebook which takes me forever), and all that other social sh*t. Before I can log one, another one comes around. As of writing I have the following lined up:

It's indeed better to just set goals rather than lie to yourself about New Year's resolutions. Time is simply no longer a luxury when you've already truly immersed yourself in the real world. Unless you're the greatest introvert mankind has ever known, of course.

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  1. Lucien

    Snow-R0se was updated with a new look and things; come take a peek. :)

  2. Lucien

    Snow-R0se changed look; come peek. :)

  3. Alex

    I apologize for not having replied to your e-mail sooner. Somehow I've managed to prolong my updates this year as well, but I will definitely change your link as soon as I can. Thank you for being so patient with me and keeping my link up. That was nice of you, and I appreciate it very much! I hope you've been well. Come back soon, ya'? :3


  4. Lucien

    Snow-R0se was updated; please, come take a look. :)

  5. Lucien

    Snow-Rose has a new look and a giveaway; come check it and, if you want, enter it. :)

  6. Lucien was updated with rather important news; come check it, please. :)

  7. Lucien

    Snow-Rose died and was reborn as; update my link, please, and come check. :)

  8. CyranoX

    Hi (: good luck with being more active. i keep saying that too and disappear again for a year. life keeps getting in the way. where are those places you visited? i havent heard of them before.

  9. Alex

    Hi, just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. Updated with a new forum; welcome to join it! c:

  10. Lucien-Nijiko

    Enigmaticons is back with a new look and new additions; come check. :)

  11. Lucien

    Enigmaticons got a new look and has new additions; come visit. :)

  12. Lucien has a new look; come visit, and tell me what you think. :)

  13. Lucien

    Enigmaticons got a new look; come look. :)

  14. Lucien

    Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday. :P
    You're pretty much the same as me - I'm not yet active, just breathing. xD
    Thank you, btw, gonna upload the new look soon. :)

  15. Lucien

    Enigmaticons was finally updated and got a new look as well; come take a peek. :)

  16. Lucien

    Enigmaticons has been updated, come check the new things. :)

  17. Lucien finally got an update; come take a peek at the new things. :)

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