New URL and Contents

New URL and Contents

Just a quickie. The time has finally come for Frontal Assault, A Glimpse into the Horizon, and the olden fansites to be in one place. Actually should've done this a long time ago. Added Flooded the listings to the sidebar as well. RewriteEngine Off FTW!

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  1. Brandi

    OMG Nelson! Love the new url. And i can't believe after all this time you owned the Super GALS! fanlisting. I love super gals and remember visiting that fan listing often and joining! that's so cool.

  2. Brandi

    Thank you for stopping by. I updated your link. I am glad you are well. I am Just working from home and recovering from a cold. trying to stay safe through these difficult times. <3

  3. Jess

    Hi! Sure I'd love to affiliate. I'm adding you now. :)

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