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Chimera Ant Story Arc

Chapter 185 - Chance Meeting: Gon, together with Killua, set to finding Gin at last by using the Accompany magic card they got by winning in the Greed Island. However, they were merely transported to Kaito, the very first Hunter Gon met who also happens to be Gin's student.

"If Gon uses Magnetic Force, then take him to me. But if he uses Accompany, take him to Kaito."

Chapter 186 - Queen: On the continent of Yorubian, the body of a strange creature was washed up on the southern shore of Barusa Island. It was the Queen of the Chimera Ants. Immediately, she started seeking food in order to recover from her injuries. But what could possibly satisfy her appetite?

Gon and Killua learn that they are in a country known as Kakin, and that Kaito is there because he, together with six other Hunters, was requested to conduct some research on life forms for almost 3 years already. Everyone is introduced and the two decide to go with them. They learn of a digital camera that automatically checks with the database whether the species it has photographed is new or not. Cool, huh?

Chapter 187 - The Ultimate Prey: In no time the queen's first eggs hatched, thus, giving birth to new ants. She commands them to hunt for nutiritious food so that she can breed for the king. Meanwhile, part of the her body — her leg — was discovered, giving dawn to a new task for Kaito and company.

Chapter 188 - NGL: The ants capture two kids that turn out very delicious for the queen. She demands more of the same kind by telling her Division Leaders to bring 50 humans a day. She is surprised and interested to hear that one of the leaders request that they have individual names in order for them to distinguish between themselves.

Kaito and the rest continue to speculate of where the mysterious creature might have gone to, considering that there have been no eyewitnesses of seeing a creature taller than 2 meters. They come up with the idea that it might have originated from the NGL (Neo Green Life), which is a group of people who shun modern technology and try to live "as one with nature".

Chapter 189 - Infiltrate: The group undergo an inspection before formally entering the NGL Free State. Basically, products that are not naturally occuring need to be left behind. Only five of them was left — Killua, Kaito, Podongo, Gon, and Stick. In the lair of the Chimera, dead bodies of some ants were brought and division leaders start to ponder on how they were killed and by whom.

Chapter 190 - The Hunt: It turns out that Pokero and Ponzu, together with seven other Hunters are in NGL too. They happen to be the ones who slaughtered the ants. They planned of escaping when the ants suddenly found them. Pokero fought with his Nen but in the end, still, not one of them stayed alive. Fortunately, Ponzu's last message arrived to Kaito, and they finally learn of the Chimera ants' nest. The NGL and Chimera ants, Kaito couldn't think of a worse combination.

Chapter 191 - 70: Kaito, Gon, and Killua find a deserted village and meet a Chimera ant soldier for the very first time. Kaito realizes that it knows how to conceal its aura while the other two are stunned of its appearance. Kaito challenges the two to take care of the ant because if they cannot, then they'd better go home. Killua uses his electricity (which catches Kaito's attention) and Gon, his Jan-Ken-Rock Punch. As the ant was blown away, he was caught and carried away by a flying division leader ant. Kaito tells them that their attacks were not ineffective, but rather, they just lack experience. But what will happen now that the enemy has already identified their strengths?

Chapter 192 - Human-Dog: Ramotto, the ant that our protagonists beat, flames in anger because of what was done to him. Koruto, the division leader that saved him, tries to calm him down and finds out that other division leader ants have already started doing things on their own will, like leaving corpses behind and not bringing them for the queen.

More dead bodies — and guns — are discovered by Gon, Killua, and Kaito. Soon enough, they discover the hidden side of NGL — a drug production factory. They come face-to-face with three ants, who's been slaving humans as dogs. And the battle begins...

Chapter 193 - Choki: Gon, Killua, and Kaito individually take care of the enemies. Gon uses his "Scissors" attack, which is a sword, for the first time and cut his opponent in half. He was scolded by Kaito because he merely left the ant thereafter. He was told that its head must be completely destroyed, because such things are capable of coming back to life. Kaito finishes everything, and his real ability is finally revealed.

Chapter 194 - The Hagya Squad: The presence of the three are already known to the ants. Back in the ants' nest, Ramotto is revived to good health and unknowingly learns Nen, his aura visible in the eyes of Koruto. Koruto then commands Ramotto to try out his new strength to him. Meanwhile, near the drug factory, quickly, Gon, Kaito, and Killua got surrounded by Hagya's (a division leader) squad.

Chapter 195 - The Hagya Squad 2: The squad captain offered three alternatives for them to choose from. They chose the one-on-one battle. Gon was up first. His opponent was an ant that looks like a shrew and attacks by rolling itself. Before they started, Gon was trying to convince the ant that their rule not be that one has to die. Gon won by containing the ant's attack.

Chapter 196 - The Hagya Squad 3: Killua's battle against the bull-looking ant did not last long. It was then Kaito's turn. His roulette (refer to Kaito's profile for details of his weapon) comes up with number 2 — a relatively gigantic scythe. He requests Gon and Killua to jump up high. When they returned, all the remaining ants were already dead, cut and decapitated.

Chapter 197 - The Hagya Squad 4: It turns out that the ants have a way of monitoring all the humans they feed to the queen. Peggy, a division leader, notices that one seemed to have escaped or haven't been fed to the queen yet. One of the queen's Royal Guards appear for the very first time and punish Ramotto for seeing himself as the King. Furthermore, she sensed where the prey Peggy was looking for was. It was Pokero. Hagya, on the other side of the story, after seeing Kaito, Gon, and Killua, decided to retreat.

Chapter 198 - Assault: Neferupitoo (Nefelpitou), the royal guard, used her abilities to extract information about Nen from Pokero. Immediately right after learning the "Water Visualization Technique", Pokero was killed. She then calls and spreads the news to all the division leaders and squad captains and decides to test the extent of her power. Kaito sensed a strong aura and instantaneously commanded Gon and Killua to run away. In the blink of an eye, his right arm was off his body — it was snapped by Neferupitoo. Gon raged and was resolute on attacking but Killua stopped him on time.

Chapter 199 - Light and Shadow: Killua, with the unconscious Gon, luckily escaped and called Kaito's other companion Hunters. Help arrives. It was the Hunter Association Chairman Netero and two other never-before-seen Hunters. Netero tells Killua that two assassins have been released in the neighboring town and that if they want to go with them, they have to defeat those two first. When Gon awoke, he thanked Killua for what he did and was optimistic that Kaito is still alive.

Chapter 200: A mysterious girl appears before Gon and Killua and introduces herself as Palm, an apprentice of Novu (one of Netero's companions). She tells them that the time limit for them to beat the assassins is only a month, for only one team — them or the assassins — can go to NGL with Netero's troupe.

Chapter 201: One of the assassins, Morau's (Netero's other companion) apprentice, rampaged in public calling out their opponents, who happen to be Gon and Killua. Killua was there so instantaneously the identity of one of the guys they were supposed to hunt is already known. Biscuit Crueger enters the scene once again and, well, train the two rigorously for the second time around.

Chapter 202: Netero sees the royal guard Nefelpitou from a distant view and hypothesizes that it is stronger than him. The second of the three royal guards is introduced and Morau uses his Nen to explore and find out how many enemies are in the place. Meanwhile, Gon and Killua completed Biscuit's first task — holding Ren for three hours. Subsequently, they are surprised to hear Biscuit say that they have to go and beat Knuckle at that very instant.

Chapter 203: Knuckle gets his first encounter with Gon and Killua and suggests that they better get some sleep first. He deeply underestimates the two that when Gon uses his Nen punch he was easily put to sleep. Nonetheless, they did not grab the opportunity of stealing the bamboo plate which contains the message from Netero's group. (Put simply, the plate serves as the ticket for either of the two teams to proceed to NGL — a sort of simple puzzle in which message cannot be read by the absence of the other piece.)

Chapter 204: Jairo, the president of NGL, is eerily introduced. He passes by the town where our protagonists are currently at. Division leaders Peggy and Koruto notice that more ants have gone missing — primarily from the unorganized groups. Gon and Killua continue to fight Buckle, still, after holding Ren for three hours.

Chapter 205 - Remaining Time: Shoot, Morau's other apprentice, plans to ambush Gon and Killua and take advantage of the fact that they are weak. However, his timidity blocks him all over. Maintaining Ren for two hours have become easy for the two because they no longer need to concentrate. Time is running out though, only 10 days left. Gon and Palm are becoming friendlier to each other and Netero continues to wipe off ants, bringing them down to only 14 groups. But what if the King comes out sooner?

Chapter 206 - Engagement: The real fight against Knuckle finally arrives. A single punch made Gon realize that it won't be as easy as it looks. Netero's two companions bet on which of the two teams arrive to their aid. Quite suddenly, Netero realizes that it might be impossible to complete the mission without any sacrifices.

Chapter 207 - Weakness: Beating Knuckle appears to be way impossible. Gon's aura is being read easily and is being used by Knucle to his advantage. Knuckle points out two weaknesses of Gon's technique, which he mistakenly named as "Jajanken" when Gon didn't mean to stutter the first syllable. Firstly, it takes too long to charge. Secondly, concentrating more aura into the fist leaves the rest of the body unprotected. Gon tries to use it but is severely hit, as what Knuckle initially said if ever he uses it. However, Gon tries a second attempt...

Chapter 208 - Weakness (2): It turns out that Gon decided on using his technique to fake Knuckle. That is, as Knuckle moves to stop him from using the technique, he stops it himself and does a surprise attack. Killua realizes that Gon just thought of doing it at that instant — right in the middle of battle! Gon's aura's stamina is reaching its limit, and he can only stay in battle in about less than 10 minutes. Surprisingly, after a series of hits received, Gon tries to use his technique once more.

Chapter 209: The last of Gon's abilities is revealed — "Paper", an emission attack. He uses it to make Knuckle divert his attention and sneak up from behind. Knuckle gets hit of the "Rock" punch but still remained standing, while Gon finally loses consciousness. Knuckle realizes that if only Gon didn't exhausted the rest of his aura in his emission attack, then he would have lost. Killua carries Gon away and tells Knuckle that Gon will fight him again the next day.

Chapter 210: Upon waking up, Gon is surprised to see Killua's face swollen. Unknown to him, while he was asleep, Biscuit fought Killua and pointed out his weakness, which is fighting with the objective of trying to run away. He is instructed that if he can't beat Shoot, Knuckle's buddy, then he must leave Gon's side. The 2-on-2 bout has finally come. Which of the teams will get hold of the other side's bamboo plates?

Chapter 211 - Interest: Gon learns and gets inflicted of Knuckle's true ability. As what Knuckle exhaustively explained, you are held captive under him in which you are lended an amount everytime you are hit. The amount depends on the intensity of the attack. It happens to have an interest, exactly like a bank account. If ever the amount exceeds the equivalent amount of the aura you are at most capable of, then you're a goner. The only way to counter it is to pay back Knuckle with a hit.

Chapter 212 - Rupture: The battle over the second plate commences. Shoot reveals three floating hands and a cage to Killua, who is stunned by the very sight. While trying to engage in battle, it was as if Irumi, his older brother, was inside his head instructing him to run away. It's not yet time, but the King frees himself from the womb of the queen.

Chapter 213 - Birth: The internal organs of the queen have been severely damaged after the King ripped himself out. The King kills two of the division leaders and Koruto, one of them, realizes that the queen has to be saved at all cost. However, he is petrified to hear that the royal guards no longer take responsibility over her now that the King's been born. With no other choice left, Koruto surrenders to Netero's team.

Chapter 214 - Conclusion: The King and his royal guards set out to seek nutritious food — people who know how to use Nen — for the King. Since the queen can no longer reproduce, many of the division leaders decide to get out of their nest and establish their own kingdoms and act out the role of the King. Knuckle and Shoot set out to accompany Netero (Morau wins the bet). Gon resents being weak and Killua deeply thinks to himself:

"Gon... For the next 30 days while you can't use Nen I will protect you. I will do anything at any cost to protect you. And after that... It's goodbye."

Chapter 215 - Dying Wish: Netero shows a glimpse of his aura to Koruto and asks for an honest opinion. He is glad to hear Koruto say that he won't even be able to make it to the King, as one of the royal guards will kill him. He then leaves, saying that he'll meet an old acquaintance. Help — surgeons and artificial organ specialists — arrives to aid the dying queen. Unfortunately, it was just impossible. Before her last breath, the queen asks Koruto to let the King know what his name is. Koruto then mysteriously unearths an infant from the body of the dead queen.

Chapter 216 - The Republic of East Goruto: Those who were once soldiers have each started on their own path to become King. Meanwhile, the King arrives at the Republic of East Goruto. In this place, the King finally finds what he's been looking for — a rare prey.

Chapter 217 - Meat Garden: As the King eats his prey, Nefelpitou comprehends that his ability is to make his prey's aura his own. In other words, the more he eats, the stronger he gets. The King likes the palace of the republic leader and decides to use it as the site for human disposal. Gon and Killua gets terrified of Palm after breaking their promise of taking her to NGL. In return, Palm asks for a date with Gon. Killua realizes how the word "date" is being thrown all around. (LOL) Knuckle gives Gon a call telling him that Kaito is still alive.

Chapter 218 - Confession: Diitwu, the speedy division leader chimera ant, continue to wreck havoc in the neighboring city. Palm and Gon finally set out for their first date and Killua stalks them with the sole intention of looking out after Gon. They go to a forest where Killua senses an aura, probably that of an ant. He cannot take telling either of them, so he sets out himself to meet the aura heading their way.

Chapter 219 - Awakening: It was Ramotto, the very first soldier ant Gon and Killua and Kaito met. Killua prepares himself to fight only to hear Irumi telling him to run again. With it, he cannot move a single muscle under his will. Ramotto notices it and takes advantage, hitting Killua while enjoying the feeling of how strong he was over him. When he's about to make his last move, Killua finally evades it. Ramotto clearly remembers how it happened and becomes the one enveloped in fear. Killua has extracted a needle in the middle of his head, one which belongs to his brother. The spell has been released, revealing Killua's power.

Chapter 220 - Reunion (1): Killua returns to the spot where the two was and find that they were no longer there. Back at their place he finds them, with Gon scribbling something in papers as a punishment served by Palm. Killua carries Gon away and Palm goes into a major tantrum, definite on killing Killua. Her ability is seen as a crystal ball capable of locating people (well, what else would such ball can do). But just as she was about to leave for her attack carrying a number of knives, Novu, his master, arrives. On the road, Knuckle and Morau ambush Diitwu and recognize how fast he is.

Chapter 221 - Reunion (2): Diitwu is surprised to see how the two adapted with him in such a short period. Under Morau's smokescreen, Knuckle imposes Potclean, the miniature creature that represents the presence of his ability in an individual. Anger clouds Diitwu for not knowing what the creature was for. The smoke clears out, and Knuckle and Morau are out of sight (they're actually just behind the bushes, it's just that Diitwu still can't cope with Zetsu). Diitwu tries to use his speed to get rid of Potclean (which obviously is impossible) and realizes that there is power beyond speed.

Chapter 222 - Reunion (3): Gon finally sees Kaito again, who's now turned into some sort of machine by the chimera ant Nefelpitou. He is surprised to know that the creature in front of him activates to a level higher on touch, and won't start to attack unless one gets close. He swears to be back soon and that he's the only one who can touch Kaito.

Chapter 223: The president of East Goruto Republic invites his citizenry to the National Foundation Day Gathering to be held in 10 days. Of course, he is merely a dead body controlled by the nen of the royal guard Nefelpitou. The gathering is in fact to sort the humans in order to find out which of them can be considered as rare preys. Novu predicts that about 99% of those who will attend will die. Netero sends his team a message about their plan — attacking at 12:00 sharp on the night of the gathering. Gon's 30 days is over and finally he can use Nen again. Morau tests him by asking for an attack. Gon imagines too hard that, if it weren't for Killua who stopped him, he would have ended up killing Morau.

Chapter 224: News regarding the appearance and attack of unidentified mysterious creatures have spread. The Genei Ryodan, composed of Shalnark, Feitang, Phinx, Caruto, Shizuku, and Bonorenolf, enter the scene. They arrive at their homeplace and find out that some of the residents have been killed. Immediately, they decide to do a frontal assault and stop the one who claims herself as The Queen.

Chapter 225: Phinx decides the whoever among them defeats the queen will be the new leader. And so with that, they parted ways to eliminate anything that gets in the way. Phinx gives the idea that Caruto does not want her ability to be known to the others. They end up on one-on-one battles and Bonorenolf's ability, after so long, is finally revealed.

Chapter 226: The Ryodan folks continue with their business with Caruto exhibitioning her ability to manipulate paper, Shalnark manipulating himself, and Phinx performing his ability in detail.

Chapter 227: The ants continue to struggle fighting the members of the Genei Ryodan. Only Shizuku and Feitang are left with their opponents still alive. The latter is with the "queen".

Chapter 228: Shizuku ends up in her underwear and finishes off her opponent by sucking out all its blood using her vacuum cleaner. The rest gather and watch as Feitang continues to fight the queen. Caruto realizes that she's still lacking and what she's watching is on a different level.

Chapter 229: After getting a scratch on her face, the queen is enraged and transforms into a complete monster. Feitang receives some serious damage and at last uses a special ability which burns his target (it could've also included his fellow Genei Ryodan members if they didn't run away). However, with the queen already dead, the bodies of those people from their (the Genei Ryodan) place who were turned into ants did not return to normal.

Chapter 230: Gon and Killua arrive in a deserted village and theorize that the sorting or "selection" of humans has already begun. They talk deeply of the possibilities and in the end Killua decides and tells Gon that he will make a move on his own.

Chapter 231: A mysterious invisible creature apparently follows Gon and Killua around and waits for them to part ways while Knuckle and Shoot argue on how they only sit when thousands of people are already being killed. After parting with Killua, Gon rests but is attacked by a snake-like ant which turned out to be weak. Subsequently, an owl and a bat (ants) corner him.

Chapter 232: In complete darkness, Gon efforts to win against the two flying ants. He eventually deciphers the location of the bat as it is about to attack but was still unsuccessful in hitting it. The owl changes to Gorilla Mode and his true team up formation with the bat is about to be seen.

Chapter 233: Gon had a bit of a hard time especially with the presence of earsplitting waves emitted by the bat. It was only a matter of time before Gon figured out that when the owl is in front of him, then the bat is right behind him. Knowing it, he finally takes good care of them both. Meanwhile, Killua informs the townspeople of the ongoing commotion. Nefelpitou, a royal guard ant, senses the interference.

Chapter 234: Nefelpitou and the other royal guards speculate that the one interfering with the operations of their "puppets" is only trying to lure them. Three division leaders appear and volunteer themselves to take care of the situation. Morau and Novu discuss the suspiciousness of the Hunter Committee and the fact that it didn't manage to capture any of the remaining division leader ants. The (dead) leader of East Goruto declares Martial Law to isolate the nation and mobilize the military to successfully go on with the "selection".

Chapter 235: Knuckle and Shoot are about to ambush the speedy division leader ant Diitwu. Surprisingly, he changes directions just in time. The two later find out that it was due to the aid of a flying ant hovering above them, overseeing everything. Killua continues to convince people to get out of their houses and leave for good but is only driven away. He is eventually spotted by the same flying ant and tries to hide in a jungle. At the same time, Gon senses that someone who can instantly completely erase his presence has been tailing him all along.

Chapter 236: Killua fights the Monkey Squad and the rest of division leader Hagya's army. As a final point, he understands that right from the start someone from a remote location has been giving orders to the ants he's been trying to delete. A flea wallops him.

Chapter 237: Killua traces the source of the fleas that are responsible for his blood loss. The culprit lures him to a trap but Killua did not care as he instantaneously kills it with determination and without hesitation by piercing his middle finger on its head. Killua is astonished that he is about to finish up in an underground lake.

Chapter 238: The enemy that Killua just killed is merely a body host. The real enemy is in the form of an octopus who doesn't want to be called one. Killua corners him but was not willing to sell out his comrades and instead prefers to die. Killua captures him once more and gains his trust. A big fish suddenly springs up to tear Killua but was easily taken care of. What Killua didn't know was that he just got involved in the opponents' game.

Chapter 239: Killua sees the need to find an exit from the cave that has trapped him. Out of nowhere, a swordfish pierces his hand. In time, more swordfishes started pricking different parts of his body. He wonders why he couldn't feel its presence at all until he hears the voice directly into his head of the one doing it to him. Killua is informed that the attack can neither be seen nor felt until the moment it pierces. The ability of the ant is darts.

Chapter 240: The last round of the Nen-driven darts game has come. Killua was losing more blood than what he expected. The last dart pierces Killua directly on the forehead. The Oroso siblings, the ones behind all the amusement, came out to look at Killua's dead body. They were on high spirits when they suddenly felt that their heads were no longer attached to their bodies. Killua was not yet dead. He explains to the two how he managed to predict the end of the game and managed to played a trick against them.


I have already started extracting information from the arc via the Manga. If time (and school) permits, hopefully, I will be able to finish it before classes end. The following chapters coming very soon. In the meantime, you may drop me a line in the guestbook and check out the links below! ^_^

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