Hunter X Hunter
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Download Stuffs?

Here are some cute animated images (GIF) I got from the Hunter Headquarters. Good thing I was able to save them for the domain [] has already expired therefore deleting the whole site and its contents. Together with these GIFs are some of the theme songs (MIDI) of the animé. Have Fun!

Ohayou [Good Morning] - Opening Theme
Do You Feel Like I Feel? - Closing Theme

Biscuit walks gracefully, neh? Feitang is jogging?! Why not leaping! What's there to be happy about Gon? Hisoka simply loves butterflies An assassin is after Killua! Does Kite look good with his hat?
You are angry to whom Kurapika? Coffee time! Poor Kuroro chained by Kurapika Leorio on a salute Will Machi lose her temper? Cleaning time for Shizuku

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