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Episode Guide

TV Series

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Episode 1 A Boy Setting Out for A Journey x Leaving the sound of the Wind Behind: Whale Island - the place where Gon grew up. This is the place where his favourite forest thrives. In this forest, Gon accidentally met Kite, a Hunter, and from this guy, he got some information about his father that motivated him to find his father. So, he got ready to join the Hunter exam to find him. Therefore, he left Whale Island for his goals.

Episode 2 Encounter x Hesitation x Departure: Leorio, like Gon, wants to become a Hunter for his own goals too. But, before even setting his foot on the ship that will take the applicants to the exam site, he met Gon in a circus that shows animals that are not for those kinds of things (in short, illegal). This circus claims that they are legal and to have a proof, the owner hired a fake Hunter to protect him but unfortunately, Leorio found this out and defeated the fake Hunter.

Episode 3 Pride x Stormy Weather x Duel: Kurapica enters the scene. At first, Leorio and Kurapica are fighting for their own beliefs. As the ship is heading for Dore, a storm came, hitting the ship, and this storm seizes the deadly fight of Leorio and Kurapica.

Episode 4 Choice x Shortcut x Long Way: There is one big secret: the test have started without prior notice. The storm is an initial test for the applicants. Fortunately, Kurapica, Gon and Leorio passed one of the endurance tests and they have arrived at Dore safely. The next test is to proceed to the summit of the small mountain at Dore. The summit has the shortcut to where the test site is going to happen. On their way, they met a nasty man and an old lady with a lot of masked children who gave them a puzzling test.

Episode 5 Deception x Truth x Kiriko: The trio must find the guides that will give them information to where the test site is. But unfortunately, Leorio, who wants to become a doctor, helps a wounded man which needs help for his wife is attacked by creatures. So, without Leorio, the two set out to save the stranger's wife.

Episode 6 Steak x Marathon x The Exam has Started: At last, the trio found the site where the real exam begins. The place is a under a Steak restaurant. As they entered the site; a man gave them their corresponding applicant number. There they met Killua, Tonpa, Hisoka, and other applicants. The first test is marathon. The test is to follow Mr. Satotsu, one of the exam proctors (other words please other that proctors) as fast as they can.

Episode 7 Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap: The bad man Tonpa (holds a record of 35 attempts to become a Hunter) showed his bad side by trapping Leorio and an applicant into a detour way in which people who enter the place will have a hallucination of their traumatic memories in their life. Fortunately, they are rescued by Gon and Kurapica. Unfortunately, Kurapica was victimized too so here comes Killua.

Episode 8 Conjurer x Smile x Beasts, Beware: They have reached the end of the tunnel where the marathon started but it is only half way through the site. A man appeared in front of them saying that Mr. Satotsu is a fake. Thanks to Hisoka But why thank him?

Episode 9 Mench x Furious x The Secondary Exam: At long last! They have reached the real exam site. Here comes Buhara and Mench, the Gourmet Hunters. Buhara asked for roasted boar. All of the applicants passed then Mench asked for sushi. But no one in the applicants except Hanzo, a ninja, knows what a sushi is.

Episode 10 Flunking x Panic x Heavenly Voice: Since one applicant slipped, everyone had an idea what a sushi is. The only problem is Mench is very sensitive when it comes to taste so, everyone failed even Hanzo. As a token for their participation in the exam, she gave them a specialty made with moss found in the horns of some rare creature and then shooed them off. Chairman Netero to the rescue! The sushi exam was voided and the new exam is to make hard-boiled spider eagle eggs.

Episode 11 An Expedition x Guts x Stowaway: The applicants are asked to board the chairman's blimp which will carry them to the next test site and to have a rest and to prepare for the next tests. Lucky for Gon and Killua, they seized the chance to have fun with the chairman!

Episode 12 Good Boy? x Bad Boy? x Killua: Killua is tired but Gon still pursues to play with the chairman. He made a strategy to defeat the chairman.

Episode 13 Pro x Con x Trap: The next exam: The Tower of Traps. As it name suggests, it is a tower full of traps in which applicants must make their way through it and make it down the tower in 3 days. But the worst thing happened: Tonpa was with them and because of him; they have to fight five hard-core criminals.

Episode 14 Candles x Policy x Agreement: Wins must be three in order for the group to proceed to the next level but that damn Tonpa messes up again with his one loss. Because of that, the group started to fight each other.

Episode 15 Vain x Life x Majitani: The criminals are really doing their job very well. They are making the group run out of time. Now they have to win immediately for them to avoid their time from running out.

Episode 16 Stone x Scissors x Heart: Leorio needs to play Rock-Paper-Scissors to the female criminal for them to win. Killua won his fight by defeating a very notorious criminal.

Episode 17 Three Persons? x Five Persons? x The Choice: The five had passed the five hard-core criminals but they are faced by another dilemma: either to take the short cut which will only take them three minutes or the way which will take those 45 hours. What do you think?

Episode 18 Treasure x Memory x Small Rooms: The next test takes place in an island surrounded by wrecked ships. They have to stay in a hotel there made from an old battleship. The hotel is owned by two old couple who left before the sun rises. What are they going to do?

Episode 19 Scatter x Journal x A Flood: A terrible storm again is faced by the applicants. The storm will submerge anything and everything under water within twenty-four hours. The applicants must think and help each other in order for them to save each other.

Episode 20 A Tidal Wave x A Cannon x Rush: The plan: to fire the old battleship's cannon to the cyclone of water. Did the plan implemented will work?

Episode 21 The Fourth Exam x 44 x The Number for Death: The next test is to get the number of the applicant assigned to you. You must earn six points for you to pass. Time limit is one week.

Episode 22 Found x Hide x Caught Up: Bad luck is on Gon's side. Why? Of all the applicants in the exam, his target is the dreaded Hisoka. But he's not discouraged. Even though he's afraid of him, he needs it badly in order to pass the exam.

Episode 23 Hesitation x One Chance x Allowed to Live: Gon knew that he can't face Hisoka in a one-on-one battle so he came up with an idea to stalk Hisoka and grab his number while Hisoka is doing something. But again, bad luck overcame him and his own number was stolen by the man he saved during the storm.

Episode 24 Damage x Reunion x Showing Courage: Again, thanks to Hisoka, his number is back. And, luck is starting to overcome his bad luck for Hisoka did not snatch his number from him. He even spared his life.

Episode 25 Venomous Snakes x Venomous Bees x The End of the Test: Leorio is in trouble. His target hasn't come out of the cave so he went in but he too can't escape from the cave because of the trap of the target of his target. So Gon and Kurapica went in and tried to save him but they too are trapped. There is one last resort: use sleeping gas inside the cave.

Episode 26 The Chairman x Interview x Cheating: There is still one test left so the people who passed are brought to the site where the last test will be held. While the applicants are resting, the chairman summoned each one of them for an interview.

Episode 27 Hisoka x Kurapica x Whisper of a Spider: The final exam; a tournament. Each of them is tasked to fight. The first battle: Hisoka versus Kurapica. Of course, Kurapica won because Hisoka surrendered even though Kurapica's Kan was broken..

Episode 28 Chat x Quibble x Endurance: The second battle: Hanzo the ninja versus Gon the stubborn kid. Hanzo broke Gon's hand and scarred his forehead.

Episode 29 Pass! x Flunk? x The Exam is Over: Gon was unconscious so he was taken to the infirmary. While he was asleep, the exam went on. The dreaded Hisoka did not surrender and won his fight over the old martial artist, Podoro. Killua surrendered for he felt that his opponent was unworthy of fighting him. To his surprise, his second opponent was his older brother named Illumi. All of these are narrated to him by Mr. Satotsu.

Episode 30 Killua x Repeat x Deportation: Because of Illumi, Killua failed because Illumi spoke very disturbing words to Killua that confused the poor little boy. This made Killua surrender his fight against his older brother. That event made Killua kill Podoro, which is not allowed in the exam so he was immediately dismissed from it.

Episode 31 Breaking Up x A Party x Connected by the Fate: Killua failed. He was the only one who failed in the last test so he was not in the seminar (and Podoro too, for he was dead already). Gon tried to talk to the committee to change their decision about Killua but his effort was wasted. Since Illumi is responsible for the expulsion of his best friend, Gon attacked Illumi and tried to break his arm.

Episode 32 Sight Seeing x A Place of Interest x Killua's Home: The trio decide to visit Killua in their home over Kukuluu mountain. But they are blocked by a very big and heavy gate. How are they going to get in?

Episode 33 Special Training x A Hunting Dog x Ready to Collapse: The Zaoldyeck gate keeper, Mr. Zeburu, challenged the three to try to open the gate but the gate is too heavy for them to push. So, Mr. Zeburu gave them intense training to make them strong in order for them to open the gate.

Episode 34 Skateboard x Apprentice x Honest Feeling: The next gate keeper, Canary, halts the trio and did not let them pass. But Gon persuades that they are not unwanted by Killua and convinces her to let them pass.

Episode 35 Killua x Punishment x Family Meeting: Killua's being punished inside the Zaoldyeck mansion by his greedy second brother, Miruki (Milky). Silva Zaoldyeck, their father, summoned Killua to have a talk with him to guide Killua to follow his own decision whether to be with his friends or to continue being the heir of their family.

Episode 36 A Coin x Reunion x Changing Clothes: At long last Canary allowed them to pass and even leads them to the house of the Zaoldyeck's Butler. There they played a coin game that nearly killed one of the trios.

Episode 37 In the Sky x Fight x Knight's Errant: Operation save Killua was successful. They left the Zaoldyeck land with Killua. Leorio and Kurapica waved goodbyes to Gon and Killua and to each other. They made a pact that they shall meet again after few months. Gon and Killua faced another chapter in their lives. As they enter another chapter, they are again challenged by fate.

Episode 38 Zealous Will x Lethal Will x What Will?: A new kid is in the house: his name, Zushi. Together with him is his master, Master Wing. Zushi is a martial artist and his master is a Nen Master. They have a secret training that no ordinary people will know. This training hooked Gon and Killua. The two learned from Master Wing what "Nen" is.

Episode 39 The Secret Skill x Registration x The Battle Begins: Gon and Killua is now desperate to learn this "Nen" thingy so they persuaded Master Wing how to do it. Fortunately, Nen is needed to enter the 200th floor so, Master Wing taught them how. As they reach the 200th floor, to their surprise, Hisoka is there sitting on the floor waiting for them!

Episode 40 Two Months x A Break x Nen for Nen: For two months, the two guys tried their best for the very intense training for improvement in their Nen skills. But these two months are very crucial so none of them must fight.

Episode 41 Bungy x Punch x One Shot Game: For the second time, now on the 200th floor, Gon challenges Hisoka. Gon now packs a much more powerful punch. It is time to use the Bungy Gum!

Episode 42 Hisoka's Love x Fulfillment x Serious Gon: Ike Gon!!! Give it your best shot! Defeat that nasty clown! Ganbatte!!!! Ganbatte!!! Oh no! Gon needs harder training!

Episode 43 Talent x Agony x Instinct of Killing: Three bad men attacked Zushi!!! Nani? Three bad men attacked Zushi!!! Gon and Killua help Zushi!!!

Episode 44 Flipping the Floor Panel x Whipping an Electric Circuit x Goodbye: Finally, the hard core cheaters have learned their lesson not to mess with anyone. What? Nen is the real Hunter test? Yes. The people who are not Hunters and know how to use Nen are illegal.

Episode 45 Restraint x Pledge x The Binding Chain: The others who passed the initial Hunter exam are now training how to use their own Nen. Kurapica is pushing his own limits just to get stronger. Sadly, he is not a Kyouka type but he is a Gugenka type.

Episode 46 I'm Home x Nice to Have You Back x I'm Killua: Gon is back at Whale Island. And he's not alone - he brought a friend named Killua. Starting today, Killua's experience will be taken to the next level: living in a very simple life, far from assassination, far from his dreaded family.

Episode 47 Father x A Secret x Confession: A secret box containing Ging's whereabouts was given to Gon by his Aunt Mito. But first they have to open the box - not by force, nor by any kind of ordinary processes but with Nen.

Episode 48 Kurapica x Brown Eyes x The First Assignment: At last, Kurapica gets his first job as a Black List Hunter. He got a job in which he ensured that he will be close in hunting Genei Ryodan.

Episode 49 Heartbeats x Kurapica x Drowsing: Kurapica has now the power in tracing Genei Ryodan for he has now a job that is attractive for spiders. Gon and Killua now again need money. What for?

Episode 50 From the Air on a Journey: Greed Island really hit Gon and Killua. They are now crazy for it. That's why they need large amount of money to buy it in the auction that will be held in York New City.

Episode 51 The Spider x York New City x Gatherings: Ah. York New City. The rich people's paradise. This is where the auction Gon and Killua will attend. This is also the place where Kurapica will go to hunt the Spiders. That means the best four will meet again!

Episode 52 The Underground Auction x Wipe Out x Machine Guns: The Spiders are now moving! Now's your chance, Kurapica! Go hunt the spiders now! What? The spiders have failed in robbing the auction. Naze?

Episode 53 Ryodan x In-ju x The Community: The Spiders have failed so, they wiped out all of the auction committee even the auctioneers and even the body guards that are the co-workers of Kurapica like Buez.

Episode 54 Catching x Caught x Conspiracy: One of the Spider's legs was caught in the binding chains of Kurapica. He is one of the aggressive members of the Genei Ryodan. His name is Ubogin. Since the Mafia Community was robbed, they showed some of the pictures of the members of the Spider and placed a very big bounty over each head. A lot of people are attracted to the bounty offered. Since Gon and Killua desperately need money, they joined the hunt.

Episode 55 Revenge x Counter Attack x A Hunch for the Storm: Oh no! Ubogin escaped from the hands of Darth Zorn, killing them all. Since he was defeated by the Chain-Guy, he tracked him with all his might, contracting even his co-member, Shalnark, to find information related to that Chain-Guy.

Episode 56 Red Eyes x The Special Style x Absolute Time: Finally, Ubogin found Kurapica A.K.A. "Chain-Guy." They have squared off to death. He tried to squeeze out information about the mass killing of the Kuruta Tribe but Ubogin did not answer. Instead, he insulted Kurapica even more by daring him to kill him. The result: life was taken out of him.

Episode 57 Treasure x Side Stealing x Curiosity: What? The bounty over the Spiders' heads are now gone? What to do? Buy and sell rare artifacts! Where? In the street auction!

Episode 58 Beard x A Woman x Dangerous Tailing: Stalk time! Gon and Killua found two members of the Spider, Machi and Nobunaga, and they followed them with all their skills in stalking but unfortunately, the two Spiders know that they are being followed so, the other two members came, Pakunoda and Phinx. Now, Gon and Killua are in trouble!

Episode 59 The Spider Web x Being Caught x Killing Technique: Gon and Killua are now in really big trouble. They are brought back to the web. And more bad news: their minds have already been read by one of the information-gatherers of the group, the sexy, blonde, sharp-shooter Pakunoda to have information about the whereabouts of the Chain-Guy. Fortunately, Gon and Killua doesn't have any idea who the hell the Chain-Guy is during that time.

Episode 60 Kurapica x The Assassin Team x Zaoldyeck: Since the Spider is really hard to catch, the Mafia Community summoned the best assassins around- the Zaoldyecks. The cancelled auction was resumed. So, the Spiders are again attracted to the sweet-smelling insects in the auction. The auctioneers proceeded without any single drop of knowledge that Genei Ryodan will again attack.

Episode 61 Terrible x Confusion x Requiem: Here we go again. The insects are being eaten by the Spiders. At last, Gon and Killua, together with Leorio, got contact with Kurapica but he just shooed them off. Since Kurapica is their friend, they are not discouraged by Kurapica's shooing and they still tried to help him.

Episode 62 Red Eyes x Silence x Catastrophe: The fight of the lifetime has started. With the two strongest assassins in the Zaoldyeck Family, the father, Silva, and the grandfather, Zeno, fought with Kuroro to kill him. Kuroro sliced the surface of the skin of Silva with his very poisonous dagger. Matte! Illumi calls. Seize the fight! If you kill Kuroro, how in the world am I going to get paid? At last, the Mafia Community finally stopped the unstoppable Genei Ryodan. The four, Gon, Killua, Kurapica and Leorio continued their real plans.

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