400 years ago, a ninja tribe called Hokage was envied by all the other tribes for the reason that only them can make magical weapons capable of governing certain elements of the earth. The leader of the tribe is a flame master and only one of his two sons (in different wives) should inherit the throne. The oldest man in the village decides that the younger one, named Recca, who was still one year old, be chosen because he believes that the other son, who's already five years old, has the cursed flame.

One night, the Hokage Village was invaded by enemies longing their hands on the magical weapons. Recca's mother was able to escape into the forest while the other Hokageans were murdered and burned. She reluctantly uses the secret ability of the tribe—to travel through time—to throw her son into the present. Unknown to her, Kurei was watching nearby, thirsting to kill his half-brother in his very young age. After doing nifty hand movements, Kagerou let Recca in to the dimensional opening and as Kurei took an attempt to stab the baby, he was also sucked into the hole. And just like any soap opera, one came to a rich personality while the other was found by a poor firecracker maker.

The secret ability of the Hokage is strictly forbidden that whosoever uses it will be cursed by time and shall never ever die. The day after the night of the last Hokagean, Kagerou changed her identity as Emma Kage Houshi and started her life of immortality. Consequently, all the magical weapons scattered all over the world.