Hokage Team

Max Domon

Name: Max [Ishijima] Domon
Weapon: Saturn's Ring, Kuchibasyo, and Tetsugan

Max is Recca's mortal enemy at school. He really wants to defeat Recca but just can't seem to do so. However, when they joined the Urabuto Satsogen, this long time endeavor was blown away out of Max's mind.

Max is famous in their school for being strong—and it was his strength that convinced Emma to give him the Saturn's ring, which gives incredible strength. Max realized, with the advice of Aira, that they will not win any fight in the Urabuto Satsogen if they'll just stick to one weapon. And so, they adopted two weapons from "The Three Idiots" they once defeated. The Kuchibasyo is a chained, pincer-like weapon that can be powerfully used by an expert's hands. Max can use it as if it is a part of his body. The Tetsugan on the other was given by Koku—one of Recca's flame dragons—the night before the final match. When swallowed, the body becomes as strong as steel and a mark on the forehead is reflected—"Metal".

Aira Kirisawa

Name: Aira [Fuuko] Kirisawa
Weapon: Fuujin, Kasinotsume, and Kosadama

Aira is the girl counterpart of Max at school. She's tough and is also quite interested in getting her hands on Recca.

Being the only lass and the fastest among the group, her main weapon, the Fuujin, which controls wind, suits her very well. She was able to create her own wind claws by putting the Onistsume crystal (from The Three Idiots) onto the Fuujin. Her last weapon, the ghost-like and powerful creatures called Kosadama from the gems in the Fuujin, was first used when she finished her fight with Gashakura from Uruha Ma.

Dylan Mikagami

Name: Dylan [Tokiya] Mikagami
Weapon: Ensui

Instead of Kai from Uruha Kurenai, Dylan was the one chosen to be the heir of Kyosa Miguri's Yomonken Technique. He's a brainy type of person who's protective to the people he likes.

Dylan was just an ordinary kid until her sister got killed. It was her sister who left the Ensui to him. He made it a promise that he'll master the use of the weapon and avenge her sister's death someday. Ensui is an ice sword made from water (actually, any form of liquid will do, and that includes blood) that is sharp enough to cut anything. It performs the Yomonken Techniques together with all the properties of water.

Lorcan Koganei

Name: Lorcan [Kaoru] Koganei
Weapon: Cogan Angki

Lorcan is the youngest warrior in the Urabuto Satsogen but not with the poorest ability. With his weapon, he's pretty skilled for such a young age.

The Cogan Angki is a sharp weapon that has five (actually six) irregular faces and functions. It is a powerful weapon and can only be used by people who are strong enough to handle it.

Recca Hanabishi

Name: Recca Hanabishi
Weapon: Red Flame

Recca controls the red flame and possesses the eight powerful flame dragons which are images of past flame masters. (For now, I will not be putting emphasis on these dragons in the site but, if it'll become highly appropriate, I might as well put them up.)

The eight dragons inside Recca have different powers. Initially, none of them was under Recca's command. As the Urabuto Satsogen progressed, each of them came into being. Recca can bid them one by one or all at once but with a risk. It can possibly kill him for some dragons do not dwell well with each other (Setsuna to be exact) and some fight while being summoned.