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Seven Ghosts

Seven Ghosts

I found out last week that Dattebayo happens to have subbed 07-Ghost (thought they only do Naruto). Since Janine added some avatars from the series last month, I thought I might as well see the anime myself. With the girls gone from the boarding house (the suspects for the slow connection :P), I was able to download all 25 episodes in just two days before weekend struck. I finished watching 'em today and now I present five ten avatars using my own snapshots.

On the 18th I'll be taking an IT certification exam. With all honesty I don't feel like passing it all. It might sound clichéd, but, really, it seems hopeless. Anyway, I have other plans now. And that includes revamping this site by December. Haha. Lame, right? Back off then.

Staff Update

Staff Update

Hello, Ammi here! I am now staff at A.G.I.T.H (: I will now help with updating and uploading and also avatar making. Thanks Nelson for letting me help out (: I'll try hard to keep up.

So, now for updates. I have made plenty of avatars but unfortunately I'm not able to upload them all. Eleven avatars have been added in total, three avatars from the newly added series Princess Mononoke, two Bleach avatars, two Vampire Knight avatars, one Naruto avatar, an avatar from the series Final Fantasy, a Full Metal Panic avatar, and one D.Gray Man avatar.

Anyways, enjoy!


Edit: Nelson here. Another staff enters the scene the same time as Ammi. Everyone, say hello to Janine, a classmate of mine.

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