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Light Traces

Light Traces

Added two textures which are actual photos taken in Medellin and Heredia. Progressed in Itinerant again by posting about the layover in Mexico last year.

Medellin Heredia

Blood Must Have Blood

Blood Must Have Blood

Since the last update I've added a sitemap file and realized that I lost 10 years worth of SEO due to the rewritten URL's (of anime titles) not being crawled for only being accessible via a dropdown list. I've also blocked robots from accessing download links so statistics should now be accurate (which led to another realization).

A trailer for the final season of Attack on Titan was released last month and I just had to bang some avatars out of it.

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I've been trying to beef up my travel blog and hopefully I won't lose my streak. In between doing so, I've been watching The 100 and now pacing with the fifth season because the final season is still ongoing. I'm such a sucker for post-apocalyptic shit.

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