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Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Second quarter at school ends today and tomorrow is immediately the start of the next. Yes, you got that right — no break. Nonetheless, Im'ma go out tonight and try to have some fun with some classmates.

Added 13 avatars today — 07-Ghost (6), Vampire Knight (2), and La Corda d'Oro (5). Christmas is coming, which means I'll finally be able to make a new look for the site and cope with my other responsibilities (particularly being the co-owner of Kuusou).

Bye to Old, Hello to New

Bye to Old, Hello to New

Hi, Jaja here. Some of the anime series I'm watching ended about a week ago (Pandora Hearts and 07-Ghost). In memory of them, I made quite a number of icons in those series.

Though they already ended, a new series caught my eyes - Fairy Tail, which started last October 12... and I just had to make icons from it. :D

Ok, so here's the 12 icons I added today:

Hope you like 'em! wai~*

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