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It's already August yet I've only managed to add two (Kuroshitsuji) icons. Yeah, lame. I haven't even served Kuusou properly as a co-owner lately. Sorry, Yukie. Shotgun courses are not easy to handle especially for someone like me who's always been inclined not to do things today because there's always a tomorrow. Thankfully, though, so far, I'm still blinking.

By around the end of the month we'll be given a short break. I'll probably work my ass out during that time. For now, just watch out for newly-uploaded avatars.



I watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen yesterday with two high school mates. As always, the animation was exceptional. I read in IMDB that it took 140 TB to process all the CGI for the robots. Wicked.

Nelson Nelson

I am only able to add six avatars even until today — three of which from Fushigi Yuugi by Cyndy Asari as my price for winning their last contest (there were actually five of them, but the two had my name on it so it wouldn't be applicable for other people's use, unless half of the Earth's population has the same name as mine). Pardon my inactivity. Schoolwork has never been the same.

2nd Place at Koi-Enishi

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