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Moved Back

Moved Back

As you can see, I've moved back to where I was previously hosted. Apparently my host was on vacation that's why it took her a while to make me a reply. Above anything else, I'd like to thank ChanLu for the immediate hosting I needed then. My fanlistings will still be situated under them.

26 avatars have been re-uploaded, all from Euri. They're from Ayashi no Ceres, Bleach, Pastel, Prince of Tennis, and X/1999.

Everyone, please change your links back to: Salamat!

Yes, I AM Male

Yes, I AM Male

My sleepless nights continue... In my time it's already the second day of the New Year. How was your celebration folks? (My blog is still down ATM so...yeah, this'll have to somewhat take its place.) Mine turned out memorable. We had a few firecrackers and a little disco. Everything was totally unexpected. Hail to digital cameras, for always being there to capture the good moments. Today (I mean yesterday) we went to the pool and there I saw a classmate back in elementary. He (or one of his mates) was calling out my first and last name indistinctly. It was intentional as they might have also doubted if it was really me. It was pretty awkward so I ignored them. In the first place, when they arrived, I did recognize my classmate. Now I feel stupid. Dammit.

The clock says it's already six and I just finished setting up (moving, actually) my fanlistings so if you have time please take a look at them.

If you're wondering what's with the title, well, an affiliate commented on my previous entry:

Oh, and *ahem* I'm really sorry, but I don't know your gender. I'm assuming you're male? And if you are, I think that's pretty cool, we don't get that much testosterone in the anime graphics resource community. O.o

Firstly, since when did my name sound like a girl? It's true. For all the years that I've been around graphics sites, I can already tell how extinct my gender is. In fact, I think I haven't been able to find at most five. It doesn't really matter anyway. It's on how you perform in what you do and how long you make it live.

This post is actually a test to see if I have successfully set the MySQL timezone. It works! (Thanks to Chris Hope.) It wasn't during my first post so I temporarily became insane again and had to redo the comments in HaloScan one by one.

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