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Today is Friday the 13th and I am proof of its curse. To all my affiliates and link exchanges, Happy Valentine.

Happy Valentine 2009 from A.G.I.T.H

World Destruction

World Destruction

I've only seen the first episode but I think it's good. The series is based on a video game and is composed of only thirteen episodes. If only I could find a good place to download...

I keep saying that school is keeping me busy but how come I always spare myself some time making avatars? Is this passion already? Haha. Someone requested for Elfen Lied avatars and I managed to crack two. The same thing goes for Tenjho Tenge and, not surprisingly, World Destruction. The one used in this update is my very first colorization. Or is it? One new Twilight avatar as well.

The shoutbox is now under every page. I suppose my idea of putting it in a page was not a good one after all.

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