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I attempted to move to a different host last May but after signing up with them they suddenly went down and their support did not provide a single fucking word. To cut the long story short, it gave me a handful of stress and by the time they were back, I already salvaged my domain and decided to just upgrade my existing hosting plan. Assholes.

With more web space this time (finally after the longest time!), I moved back in all the files that I had hosted in Tehomet. With that, I worked on enforcing HTTPS in my domains and subdomains. Yep, if you haven't noticed yet, there's already a padlock beside the URL. Next up: Frontal Assault!

It's been essentially more than five years since I last added an avatar but I definitely still have the kid in me. In fact, I watched all the Toy Story movies this week in an attempt to catch the fourth and "final" one on the big screen. Unfortunately, as of writing only the Spanish-dubbed is available. Also, another season of Shingeki no Kyojin is about to end!

Annual Catching Up

Annual Catching Up

What can I say? It may have been three years and a day since the last update but let it be known that as long as this site is accessible then it simply means that I am still alive and able to renew my domains and web hosting. The point of shutting it down, I still don't see. There shouldn't be any harm with leaving some things as they are, you see.

2017 was a massive travel year for me. Even I was surprised how I managed to secure promo fares to THA, KOR, SGP, AUS, JPN, and ARE. (It might not be the same this year, though, which is actually good.) But that didn't mean that I totally lost track of my dosage. The Seven Deadly Sins, catching up on One Piece, and the second season of Attack on Titan ('course!) were on my prescription.

If again for the rest of the year you won't find me here, hopefully you will at Beer & Skittles and Itinerant.

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