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Beloved Melody PNG's

Beloved Melody PNG's

Added 38 PNG's from 14 titles, 35 of which are by Aiko of the defunct I don't know the accuracy of the titles listed below; I only relied on the filenames used when they were turned over. In fact, eight of them had indecipherable filenames that I had to file them under the generic Anime / Game category.

PNG management is not yet incorporated in the site's CMS so adding the records still had to be done manually using SQL (messed up a bit due to a semicolon). Aside from that, I've been constantly tweaking things around with most of the changes on tooltips, which now include the Last Download date for resources and the Added date for links.

Lastly, finally decided to dump the site's source code in GitHub so I'll never lose track of my changes.

Self-isolation Stats

Self-isolation Stats

Despite having big, itchy feet, I don't actually have troubles just staying at home. Apart from avoiding any coronavirus transmission, it's for the reason that I look forward to clearing my photo backlog. I may have not ticked it off yet, but with the last two days being holidays, my stats as of writing include:

The biggest accomplishment so far, which deserves to be out of the list, is the new layout. Man, 'tsbeen almost ten years! Details of it are here. So long, age of guilt!


On a different note, I'm losing my job because of the COVID-19 situation. Sucks big time, but it is what it is.

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