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Still Not Getting Any

Still Not Getting Any

I wanna swear to my heart's content but I'd rather skip that for now. Another year has yet again passed without me realizing it, and I'm still the same lazy ass — only managed to post a single update and produced four avatars. How pathetic. I wanna pull all the hair from my head right now. My attention span has become poorer than ever. Maybe I should go see a therapist or something.

Anyway, last December 26 I moved the site to my own domain after went down. Thankfully, I happened to access the database and generated a backup last November 1. I may have lost some record updates, but they shouldn't be that much.

Going back to the hot topic of my inactivity here, well, things have really gone really crazy. There's my job as a Java programmer, my travels (and the damn uploading of pictures on Facebook which takes me forever), and all that other social sh*t. Before I can log one, another one comes around. As of writing I have the following lined up:

It's indeed better to just set goals rather than lie to yourself about New Year's resolutions. Time is simply no longer a luxury when you've already truly immersed yourself in the real world. Unless you're the greatest introvert mankind has ever known, of course.

Losing the Drive

Losing the Drive

Lea Michele - Cannonball, American Authors - Best Day of My Life

And just like that, it's been a year since the last post already. Time is such a nasty being. Life of a Dragon (truly in my case) has never been easy since the Wood Horse began. Struggling financially even until this point with the thirst to shift into a new career for good, things have probably never been this disheartening. In fact, I'm on my third unpaid sick leave today due to my seemingly annual blisters. One can never get so unlucky, ne.

Four Shingeki no Kyojin avatars have been added today. The anime is next to Death Note in terms of suspense for me. It was simply on tenterhooks. Currently I'm watching Sword Art Online as suggested by the same friend who told me about Attack on Titan. It's getting weirder with each episode.

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