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Animatedly Panicking

Animatedly Panicking

August passed without any update. Sorry 'bout that. It seems I was overwhelmed with my job-hunting adventure. At any rate, it's already coming to an end...

Lately I've been into animated avatars. They look really cute, don't they? I've also just finished watching the whole of Full Metal Panic! With these, I'll end this post with two great animations and a promise: watch out for new additions from FMP!

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Yep, they're now enabled in the comments. So for those who're not yet familiar with them, it's time you get your own and try it out — HERE!

What of me? Heh. I just moved in to a new place. The monthly package is, without a question, delightfully complete, but I still find the price quite out of the ordinary. A while ago I tried computing what'll be left of me after all monthly dues go off my salary. I will have to dig deep to last for at least a year. Sad, I know. So shall we get ourselves some booze for now?

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