Gon Freecs

Gon Freecs

Birthday: May 5
Age: 12
Place of Birth: Whale Island
Number Plate: 405

Appearance: Gon is a mountain kid with animatedly spiky hair. He usually wears boots with matching green shorts and jacket.

Jumping Gon

Personality: Gon is a boy with out of the ordinary sense of sight, smell and hearing. He is an animal-friendly kid. Wild animals stay tame under his command. He is often cheerful and in high spirits and can easily make friends. In addition, Gon is an effective learner and does what he wants in his own and right way; understands true camaraderie and sacrifices himself in times of troubles for others.

Goal: Gon's true purpose of joining the Hunter Exam is to find his father - one of the greatest Hunters in the world.

Weapon: The old rod Gon used when he fished the biggest fish in Whale Island is his one and only weapon. He can unbelievably use it with nimbleness. It is originally of his father's property.

Nen: Gon's Nen ability, as seen in the GI OVA, is simply a physically powerful punch made by building up aura in his fist.



Birthday: March 3
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Unknown
Number Plate: 403

Appearance: Leorio is a businessman material. He wears a coat and tie. His hair is quite realistic compared to the other characters.

Personality: In the Hunter Exam, Leorio acts as if he's a greedy and money-loving person. But behind the mask is a hardworking person that abhors narrow-mindedness.

Saluting Leorio

Goal: A horrible past that haunts Leorio is the death of his friend named Pietro. Pietro passed away because of a sickness that Leorio was unable to cure due to lack of money. After his friend's death, Leorio promised to himself that he would become a doctor someday to cure ill people who lack financial needs at a low price or even for free. In order to do this, he will need loads of cash and so he took the Hunter Exam because it is one of the ways to become rich in no time.

Weapon: Leorio carries with him a very handy dagger.

Nen: Regardless of his age, Leorio yet still has no exact Nen ability unlike his other younger friends. It is probably because he prioritizes being a doctor rather than doing not-awfully-sensible things.



Birthday: April 4
Age: 17 (and he's male!)
Place of Birth: Kuruta Village
Number Plate: 404

Appearance: Girl or boy? Well, to tell you, Kurapika is male. Many suppose that he's feminine because of his sensitivity and long blond hair. Another thing that makes the viewers confused about his sexuality is his outfits which are all should-be-worn-by-girls.

Personality: Kurapika is very stubborn-looking. But looks can still be misleading, right? Kurapika is actually a kind-hearted person that is pretty strong despite his stature. He has a clever mind and is referred by Leorio as a "walking encyclopedia."

Scolding Kurapika

Goal: Kurapika is the sole survivor of the Kuruta Tribe - a tribe that has eyes that turn scarlet whenever mad or agitated - that was wiped off the map five years ago by the Genei Ryodan. He promised to himself that he would someday avenge his tribe and so he took the Hunter Exam in order to gather information. By the second part of the series, Kurapika appeared to be the strongest among all the other Nen users. He took a job as a bodyguard in York New City for he knew that the group he has been looking for for five long years will be there. He is desperate enough to retrieve the Kuruta eyes, which remain scarlet even after death, either by hook or by crook.

Weapon: In the Hunter Exam, Kurapika's weapon was a twin sword connected by a chain. However, it was destroyed by Hisoka. When he learned the power of Nen, his weapons were chains.

Nen: Kurapika learned the power of Nen in such a very short period of time because of his thirst to get vengeance. He transforms his aura into chains that are attached in the rings on each finger of his right hand.

Judgment Chain

Tiny finger : Judgment Chain - shaped like a tiny sword and is used to stab someone in the heart under certain rules. If the rule is broken, the person will unfortunately die. Kurapika also stabbed himself with a rule that says, "I will only use my power over the Genei Ryodan." This chain was used over Pakunoda with an order that she should not reveal Kurapika's identity to the other members of the Ryodan. The same thing happened to Kuroro, where he'll die if he'll use his Nen.

Dowsing Chain

Ring finger : Dowsing Chain - a small metal ball is attached in the end of this chain. It can locate specific persons (spies, etc) and belongings of certain people. Kurapika also uses this chain in fighting the Ryodan.

Binding Chain

Middle finger : Binding Chain / Chain Jail - a chain with a hook attached in the end. It is used to bind the Genei Ryodan making him/her unable to move and perform Zetsu (the ability to stop the flow of aura around the body). Thus, the person that'll be trussed by this chain is evidently defenseless.

Index finger : Unknown - appearance and use unrevealed

Holy Chain

Thumb : Holy Chain - shaped like a cross. It can heal fractured bones. Kurapika used this to heal his left arm when he fought with Ubon.

Specialty: Every person is destined since birth with only one type of Nen. But for Kurapika's situation, it's not true. Kurapika's Nen changes to the Special type (Tokushitsu) everytime his eyes turn scarlet enabling him to use other types of Nen.

Killua Zaoldyeck

Killua Zaoldyeck

Birthday: June 14
Age: 12
Place of Birth: Kokolo Mountain, Island of Padokia
Number Plate: 99

Appearance: If there's an anime character who changes clothes regularly, it would be Killua. Killua appears very sophisticated and unfriendly (for he really is). He has hair that is prickly but a-bit-softer-looking than Gon's.

Personality: Killua is a strong-willed kid that stands on his own feet. He secretly has two personalities: a normal boy and a mature, cold-hearted eradicator.

Running Killua

Family Background: Killua is from a famous family of assassins. His grandfather, father, mother and siblings can be paid at a high price just to murder people. Being the strongest among the four children in the family, he was trained to be tough on killing being the successor of his father. Killua's family live on top of a mountain. Their land is unbelievably wide. The world beyond their gate is very different from the normal world. Almost all things are made from metal (including the gate itself which you'll need to push if you want to get in, the slippers and cups). The family owns a giant wolf named Mike which guards the fake gate where trespassers usually take. Only members of the Zaoldyeck family can docile the beast.

Goal: Killua has no exact goal in his life. He ran away from home to take the Hunter Exam just for fun. There he meets Gon, Kurapika and Leorio. He learns the value of friendship and realizes that he doesn't want to kill for a living anymore. He then decides to help Gon find his father.

Weapon: "My hand is mightier than a knife." Killua can make the nails of his hands as sharp (sharper actually) as a knife. It's a mystery how he does that but I'm certain that it's part of his training in the early days for killing in cold blood.

Nen: Killua transforms his Nen into electricity. It is because ever since childhood he has been receiving high voltages of electricity as a punishment.



Birthday: June 6
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Unknown
Number Plate: 44

Appearance: Hisoka is the clown of this anime. Honestly, he doesn't act like one. But still he wears dresses and make-up those of a clown. His hair is kinda cool!

Catching Hisoka

Personality: Hisoka is the Hunter applicant you wouldn't want to mess or accompany with. He kills without any valid reason. It appears that it is one of his leisure pursuits. Hisoka, aside from being weird, is also mysterious for some reasons. Every so often, I infer that Hisoka is Gon's father.

Goal: This protagonist-antagonist's goal is to find and fight strong people for he thinks that he's one of the best fighters in the world. This is the reason why he took the Hunter Exam and pretended to join the Genei Ryodan. Hisoka also believes that Gon and Killua will become great fighters in the future that's why he's waiting for them to grow up.

Weapon: Hisoka's basic weapons are playing cards and as a magician, he can materialize one anytime he wants. These cards are as sharp as a blade because of Nen and are used to slash his targets. Sometimes when he's bored, he plays with these cards with Irumi or if Irumi's not present, builds a pyramid of cards.

Nen: Hisoka is pretty strong in terms of fighting ability. However, he transforms his aura into a rubber called Bunjee Gum that appears a bit weaker compared to his aptitudes. The person who'll be glued by this will become Hisoka's puppet. Hisoka also uses this rubber to hide his wounds.