Gon Gone Fishing

When Gon was just an infant, his father left him in her tita (aunt) in Whale Island. He grew up by no means of knowing that he still has a father - a legendary father. When he became twelve, he meandered into the forest and was almost killed by a fox-bear. Auspiciously, he was rescued by a hunter named Kite. Kite was bowled over when Gon told him his father's name (Jin Freecs) and that he's dead. He then told the kid that his father is his master and is an eminent Hunter.

Gon asked her tita Mito for the truth and she had no other choice but to bestow it now that the kid somehow knew after years of secrecy. After listening to what he wanted to hear, Gon decided to try the Hunter Exam to become a hunter himself. In that way, he may perhaps find a way to locate his 'callous' parent. His aunt opposed this idea and would only let him if he'll be able to catch the biggest fish in the island. But with the aid of his father's old fishing rod, Gon enjoyably did it without sweat. Subsequently, he left the island at one fell swoop facing a new adventure.