Hokage vs. Uruha Oto

Uruha Oto

Note: Some fights are not fully detailed and may be quite confusing. You can go to the character profiles if you want to know more.

Fight 1 - Aki vs. Max

Max almost fell into Aki's illusions. She even undressed in front of Max's eyes! Alas, her secret was revealed when Max noticed that everything she says happens to him all the time. Aki's Kotodama was destroyed in the end.

Fight 2 - Double Bout: Miki and Nayumi vs. Dylan Mikagami and Recca Hanabishi

This fight has got to be my favorite among the others. These two beautiful ladies have a great team-up. Sadly, it wasn't enough to beat the collaboration of the Hokage team. Miki told her older sister to give up because she realized that they are simply not capable of beating Recca and Dylan but Nayumi continued to believe that she must not give up because the word does not exist in her vocabulary and that she really wants to protect Kurei even if she will have to risk her life. She tried to end the fight with her strongest attack—the Requiem—that turned out disastrous.