Uruha Maburoshi


Name: Shiju
Weapon: None

Shiju is the fusion of a human body and a lion. He is a product of Genjuro. He does not have any weapon and simply fights like a wild beast and also has certain evolution phases.


Name: Lina [Menou]
Weapon: Shikigami

Lina is basically not born to fight. Her magical weapon was forcibly transplanted in her body. Genjuro shrunk and confined her father in an hourglass.

Unlike Saicho's (Kuu Team) Shikigami, Lina's uses hair instead of paper. If used externally, it can reinforce strands of hair to be sharp enough and be used as gimlets. However, this Shikigami is inside her body so she can just stand while her hair attacks (and defends).

Gideon Mokuren

Name: Gideon [Nagai] Mokuren
Weapon: Kodama

Gideon is a person who finds it lovely to torture girls. He is also cheeky but is actually not skilled enough to defend himself from Recca's basic flame attack.

If you're a green thumb then you would probably want the Kodama. This magical weapon uses plants as weapon. In Gideon's first true encounter with Recca, he was defeated in the blink of an eye. In the Urabuto Satsogen, the Kodama was already implanted in his body and he turned into a more feeble creature—a tree.


Name: Genjuro
Weapon: Nugen

Genjuro is a psychic surgeon. He was once a leader of a great troupe that was easily defeated by Kurei.

The Nugen shrinks anything. It's relatively not useful especially if you're not good at aiming. Recca destroyed it prior to their bout. But Genjuro simply said, "I don't need that weapon to win."