Non-Urabuto Satsogen Characters


Name: Kagerou / Emma Kage Houshi
Weapon: Ikagyoko

Kagerou is Recca's immortal mother. 400 years ago, she was cursed never to die and traveled time after time looking for his son. She changed her name as Emma Kage Houshi when she met Recca (see Synopsis).

In her second appearance, she stabbed herself in the chest to show Recca her immortality. She also has a magical weapon—the Ikagyoko. The Ikagyoko is a crystal ball with claws of a bird beneath it. Its can sense incoming danger.

Ana Yanagi

Name: Ana [Sakoshita] Yanagi
Weapon: None but has Healing Powers

Ana Yanagi is the girl whom Recca chose to serve as a ninja (I can't exactly remember what made Recca choose her because he always says that the person who'll get his service is the one who'll beat him in a battle and it would be absolutely impossible for Ana to do so).

Ana has no magical weapon in possession and any battle skill. She only has her healing powers that come very handy to the Hokage Team. It was her power that put her into trouble. For instance, Kurei's father wanted it, seeking for an infinite life. It's a mystery that Ana cannot heal herself.


Name: Bridget [Reiran] Katashiro
Weapon: Katakogotsu

Bridget Katashiro is a pretty young lady fighter in Kurei's mansion. She was Aira Kirisawa's second opponent (Recca was the first) since she received the Fuujin.

Bridget is the counterpart of Machi from Hunter X Hunter in using threads as weapon. The Katakogotsu creates magical threads that enables the owner to control something or even someone. Bridget is actually not a human.


Name: Lola [Ganko] Morikawa
Weapon: Katakogotsu

Lola, together with Lorcan, is the only child who joined the Uruha. She and Lorcan were in Recca's group after some time however.

The Katakogotsu's main power is not only to produce threads but also to give life to mannequins. Days after the death of Lola's mother, she saw a mannequin that perfectly resembles her. When Kurei saw the child, he gave her the Katakogotsu, which made the doll spring to life.


Name: Tadeo [Sekiou]
Weapon: Sikichu

Tadeo is a murderer whom Kurei kept in his mansion for years. He was released from his prison when Recca, Aira, and Max came to rescue Ana.

Tadeo is humungous and the floor shakes in his every step. His weapon, which is the Sikichu, was given by Kurei. It creates an armor out of stone and a weapon out of the armor.