Uruha Ma


Name: Tsukishiro
Weapon: Kaegetsu and Oburu

When Tsukishiro first appeared, he was in a mummy costume before slashing the cloth to reveal his precious face. In his fight against Lorcan, the announcer (Tanya) said that her type-of-guy is him but what the referee said was different—"He's too handsome for me."

The Kaegetsu is a sharp, moon-shaped weapon that works like the fourth face (Nikazuki) of the Cogan Angki which is a boomerang. And if Harry Potter has the invisibility cloak, Tsukishiro has his Oburu.


Name: Kashamaru
Weapon: Misebi

Kashamaru is one of the few ninjas in the Urabuto Satsogen. In his fight with Recca, you can really say that he is a good copycat.

The eight flame dragons in Recca's body could not be possessed by any other human except Recca himself so it was really dumbfounding when Kashamaru was able to call five of them. The reason was because his magical weapon controls flame and can copy the abilities of a flame master.


Name: Gashakura
Weapon: Magagamba and Morning Star

Gashakura is the younger brother of Magensha. Like his kuya (Filipino term for "older brother"), he looks foolish with a little helmet in a big body.

The Morning Star is a metal ball with spikes around it. With the Magagamba on his shoulder, he can attack his opponent and defend himself at the same time. It looks similarly like Dr. Octopus' tentacles in Spider man.


Name: Magensha
Weapon: Homashin and Jigenkaygyoko

Magensha is the person whom Augustus Mori (Kurei's father) hired—paid rather—to defeat the Hokage Team in order to get Ana Yanagi for sure.

Brishu is one of the Uruha Jushinsus so it was very unbelievable when he was easily defeated in a split second by Magensha's Homashin. Jigenkaygyoko is a powerful magical weapon that can create a different time dimension that can be used by the owner in any way.