Kuu Team


Name: Daikoku
Weapon: Bow Stick

Daikoku has been under Kuukai's leadership for a long time already and he was one of those people who witnessed his master's insanity when it killed people for his own daughter.

The Bow Stick is a self-rotating stick which is made even stronger by Daikoku by doubling the force by further rotating the whole stick itself.


Name: Fujimaru
Weapon: Sickles and sharp artificial claws

Fujimaru is the most exceptional among the group—maniac and acts stupidly.

Team Kuu has a protected "broken reputation" and they want to get it back by joining the Urabuto Satsogen. Unfortunately, Fujimaru merely worsened it when he cheated in his fight with Aira. Both of his weapons simply slash and cut and are hardly magical.


Name: Minamio
Weapon: Nan

Minamio has the body that perfectly harmonizes with his magical weapon. He puts the Nan inside his mouth in order to use its power. It makes his body stretchable and slender. When you come right down to it, he can be finished easily if you own a powerful weapon (Kuchibasyo, for example, will do).


Name: Saicho
Weapon: Shikigami

One of the young and kawaii faces in the animé is Saicho. Kuukai truly trusts his ability and it seems that he also wants Saicho for his one and only daughter, Maita. Saicho is known as the warrior who killed a thousand warriors.

Origami is an art, but for Saicho, it's also happens a weapon. The Shikigami lets him transform papers into weapons. He uses it for his cyclone paper dance attacks, origami bombs, and even the materialization of a sword.

Fighting Time Limitation: 10 minutes (due to his wound in the chest)


Name: Kuukai
Weapon: Oni

Kuukai is the kind (that is, if he's not yet hit three times) leader of the Kuu Team—the best team in Tohoku. He was once imprisoned for killing (under his weapon) a number of cruel people.

"The Buddha will forgive you three times."

When worn, the Oni will only work if the owner is hit three times. After so, the owner turns into a Diablo that holds amazing strength. Kuukai would not have executed this ability if Recca did not push him to fight in the first place.