Uruha Kurenai


Name: Joker
Weapon: Name unknown

Joker appears to be a close friend of Kurei. In the final match of the Urabuto Satsogen, Kurei came late and his fellow members bowed to him all except Joker.

Unlike most of the other characters, Joker's weapon, which is a big stick he carries behind him, was not made known. He simply used it to protect himself from Lorcan's attack before backing out, feeling very arrogant freely giving the win to the Hokage Team.


Name: Mikoto
Weapon: Mikoto, Dokomashin, and Gandokogan

Mikoto is a silly-looking girl inside a robot also named Mikoto. She appears not strong enough to belong rightfully in Kurei's group.

The Mikoto robot is able to think and move on its own and even has its own weapon—the Dokomashin. The Dokomashin is a strong mixture of poisons a.k.a. "Poison of Poisons". It is both paralyzing and killing and is located in the sharp claws of the robot. If there's a poison then it also means that there's an antidote. The cure for the effect of the Dokomashin is the Gandokogan (which looks like a Magic Bean in Dragon Ball Z).


Name: Kai
Weapon: Yomon-en

Kai is supposed to be the original heir of Kyosa Miguri's Yomonken Technique until Kyosa found Dylan Mikagami to be much more worthy, leaving Kai as the sole substitute in case something happens to Dylan.

Yomon-en simply executes the Yomonken Techniques and it was not quite exciting watching two persons fight with almost the same set of aptitudes.


Name: Noroi
Weapon: Bakujo

Noroi is merely a dead body being controlled by his weapon. The Bakujo is a very magical weapon that gives life to the dead. But if needed so, it can take over a living body, removing every aspect of life on it.


Name: Kurei
Weapon: Black Flame

Kurei controls the black flame and even though he does not possess powerful flame dragons, he can still prove to anyone that he's worth becoming the flame master.

Kurei uses his flame in the form of a lamenting lady named Kurenai. "Kurenai" is actually the name of the girl he loved whom his father, Augustus Mori, killed. When she is destroyed, Kurei can effortlessly create another one. It also turns out that Kurei has already learned how to summon the so-called holy flame—a phoenix.